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Over 200,000 tertiary students graduate each year, but only 30% get jobs. What happens to the 70%?

Ghana has a lot of tertiary institutions which comprises of Universities, Technical universities, Teaching Training Colleges, Nursing and Midwifery Colleges, Professional Institutions and other tertiary training institutions. Each single year over 200,000 students graduate from these institutions. Once they graduate, the first thing to look for after school is to find or secure a job.

Currently, employment rate in the country is very low. It is difficult to get a job these days. 

These graduates from these institutions will all compete to get themselves jobs on the few vacancies in the country. At the end of the day only 30% will get jobs in both private and public sector. The 30% that gets the jobs will be the lucky ones. Others go to the extent of paying huge sums of money to get a job.

Now the question is, what happened to the 70% of the graduates who do not get jobs. Well, the answer is quite sad. Most depend on their parents for food. Others try ways to get jobs. It is few out of the 70% who try and create jobs for themselves. They start a business with the little capital that they have. 

The purpose of this article is to show us that, the rate of unemployment in the country is high and graduates after going to school for over 20 years do not get jobs afterwards. I hope more jobs are created soon.


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