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UTAG members are to be blamed for the juicy salary and allowances of ministers. Kweku Azar reveals.

A social media and civil advocate, Professor Kweku Azar has fingered the University Teachers Association of Ghana, UTAG for the colossal amount of money the politicians and the article 71 office holders earn as salary and allowances. He literally blames the Teacher union for what he termed, 'juicy perks and privileges' given to these group of public servants. 

In a post on his Facebook wall, the Law Professor stated that, members of UTAG are the ones that give such recommendations for the payment of salary of article 71 office holders. 

"Most of the juicy perks and privileges enjoyed by Article 71 office holders have been recommended by Committees chaired by UTAG members, including Professors Ntiamoah Baidu, Edu Buandoh, Ewurama Addy, and Greenstreet" he writes.

By this, Kweku Azar was making reference to Chairpersons of the various commissions set up by Presidents to determine salaries and emoluments of Members of Parliament, ministers and deputy ministers, and the Judiciary per the provisions of the 1992 constitution. 

In almost all the commissions set up in the fourth republic, Teachers at the University level, and Professors have chaired the commissions, and in each case, gargantuan amount of taxpayers millions have been recommended to be dished out to these group of workers in every four-year cycle. Thus, Professors Ntiamoah Baidu, Edu Buandoh, Ewurama Addy, and Greenstreet.

This revelation became necessary due to the recent strike by UTAG for what they say is a bad salary for lecturers. In their utterances, the lecturers have compared themselves to these politicians and sort to draw a conclusion that, they work harder, and therefore, must be compensated enough. 

To this is what the good Professor, probably, is reminding the lecturers that, they are those who pay these politicians in the first place via recommendations when they are called to chair the emolument commission. 

He therefore admonished the UTAG members to take part of the blame as their colleague who serve on these commissions are the ones creating the salary disparity. 

"UTAG must direct some of its anger of the neutral Article 71 to its members who serve on these Committees and who make these juicy recommendations" Kweku Azar concludes. 

This is an important reminder to any member of UTAG who will be called to make such recommendations to do so with the interest of the nation at heart. 

Come 2025, we wait to see if they may have the courage to depart from giving these politicians neck breaking exgratia.

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