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Educationalist: The top 10 main education issues that still remain.

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African Education Watch is the full meaning of AEW. African Education Watch is one of the organizations in the country. And the main goal of the African Education Watch (AEW) project is to support the design and implementation of education policy reforms using evidence-based information and to address leakages and inefficiencies in the use of resources for primary education financing.

The Executive Director of African Education Watch has come out to highlight the 10 main issues that is still remained in the education sector since 2008.

According to the Executive Director of African Education Watch, Mr. Asare Kofi, basic education issues that affected the education system in 2008 still remains unsolved. He stated after comparing the 2008 education sector annual review report to that of 2020 sector report. Mr. Kofi Asare added that, the top 10 Basic Education Issues in 2008 still remain. 

Below are some of the issues that the Educationalist mentioned 

1. Teacher absenteeism

2. Teacher refusing rural postings

3. Poor Teacher Supervision

4. Poor Rural School Infrastructure

5. Delay in release of Capitation Grant

6. Poor Performance of Rural Schools

7. Large class sizes in Urban and Peri-Urban schools 

8. Lack of transparency and accountability at MoE/GES.

9. Centralization of decision making and procurement.

10. High drop out rates in basic schools.

Mr. Kofi Asare concluded that the government of Ghana has spent about GH 80 billion Cedis. That is an average of 25% of the annual national budget on Basic Education alone. 

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