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GES Directives on Tightening Teacher Absenteeism Rules: A Threat to 2021 Population Census?

GES Directives on Tightening Teacher Absenteeism Rules: A Threat to 2021 Population Census?

Ghana Statistical Service has trained master trainers who are currently training regional trainers via online. About seventy percent of the field officers recruited by Ghana Statistical Service to be deployed as enumerators, supervisors, regional and National trainers are teachers.

Teachers are usually engaged by Ghana Statistical Service and Electoral Commission to support them to achieve their main objectives. Teachers are easy to be trained to take up any role that may be assigned to them.

Ghana Statistical Service has spent a lot in training some teachers as field officers and in the process to deploy them on the Census night to begin the 2021 Population and Housing Census, just in the middle of the training program, Ghana Education Service has issued directives to regional and district directors to tighten teacher absenteeism in schools, the directives issued by management of Ghana Education Service stated that, district directors and regional directors should make use of the rules on teacher absenteeism as specified in Ghana Education Service professional code of conduct.

The teacher absenteeism rules state that, if a teacher absent himself or herself for ten working days, the teacher is deem to as vacated his or her post. The teacher's salary will be withheld and subsequently blocked from the Controller and Accountant General Department(CAGD) payroll.

When teachers are engaged by other state institutions, the leave the classroom and students turned to loose a lot, Students have already lost the whole academic year to COVID-19, teachers are to make up the lost. The have not been able to do so. Teachers leaving the classrooms for three weeks to conduct population and housing census will be a challenged in our educational system.

It's high time state institutions like, Ghana Statistical Service, Electoral Commission and the rest make use of National service personnels in collecting data rather than teachers.

During the National Identification and Voter registration exercise, majority of teachers left the classroom for more than three weeks. These teachers took their salaries for no work done. They were also paid by the EC and the NIA.

The directives issued by Management of Ghana Education Service is likely to distract the upcoming Population and Housing Census which is scheduled to begin on 27th June, 2021.

By Nedved 

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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