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Teachers shouldn't dress like this - Opinion

Teachers shouldn't dress like this - Opinion

I visited a school for a PTA meeting and came across the class teacher of my child. We were in the process of elaborating on my child's academic abilities in the school when the headmaster introduced the class teacher of my child to me. I was puzzled by her humility and dedication to the job which helped me to understand how her class was running. Besides the normal talks, I engaged the headmaster into why the teacher had tight jeans on, which I think was inappropriate for the teacher to have in class. I learnt from the headmaster that, the school had no policy for teachers to use specific clothing to school and that might have caused this.

I didn't find a problem with the kids dressing as it made the teacher smart and very able to go about and do her duties. She was also decently dressed as a matter of fact, and the headmaster still might have a point on the teacher having her right to chose what to wear, since there are no school policy banning the use of specific clothes in school. I disagreed with the headmaster on the policy where the teachers chose to wear anything they wanted to school because, to me, it was highly inappropriate and will influence the children abilities to learn and dressings.

A school no matter whether private or public should be very open on the kind of dresses the teachers should wear to class, for school duties and especially for academic works. Teachers are the second parents of every child and children spends more time with them than they even do with their parents. Out of the 12hours a day schedule, a parent sends her child to school by 7 and the child returns home by 4 or 5pm. The child only spends four hours out of the twelve hours with the parents, and this should be a course for discussion for school headmaster's to prioritise the students time in the school, as they spend more time with them than we the parents.

A child will learn more from their teachers than they will do from us the parents because of the time they spend with them on campus. Teachers should not be allowed in my view, to wear anything they want to class and there should be a dressing code policy in every school to lecture teachers on specific clothing's they must use at school.

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