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Headmasters to be Interdicted for Charging Final Year Students Unapproved Clearance Fees

Some of the Senior High Schools are charging the final year students over five hundred cedis to sign their clearance form before they are allowed to leave the schools. If a student failed to clear himself or herself, the WASSCE results will be blocked until the student is cleared. 

The clearance form in the Senior High Schools is for the school authorities to retrieve all learning materials and any other school property from the students, some students have defaced the school building and these students are surcharged to buy paint for the school. 

The clearance process at the Senior High Schools begins at the dormitories where the students reside, the house master or mistress have a field to append his or her signature, some of the house parents charged students before they sign their signature on the clearance form. From the boarding house, the head of department for programs also have to make sure the students leaving the school have no issue with the department before they sign their signature on their forms. 

The stores department of the school headed by the store keeper is responsible for making sure the students have returned all the books that was issued to them, Ghana Education Service has given the schools an approve rate to surcharged the students if a student misplaced any of the learning materials that was issued to them. These store keepers are taken advantage to charge the students illegal fees before endorsing their clearance forms.

Parents have been complaining of the extra fees charged by some schools before signing clearance forms for students. A school has requsted all the final year students to buy payment or pay money for paint before they are cleared. A school with over one thousand five hundred students each student buying paint for the school, if the students have defaced all the buildings in the school, does the school need over one thousand buckets of paints to paint the school? this is just an avenue to extort money from the final year students.

Parents Teachers Association (PTA) has been abolished by the government, the PTAs have been operating in some of the Senior High Schools and these schools are requesting for the final year students to pay the PTA dues before they are cleared. Without clearance, students WASSCE results will be blocked by the school authorities. 

Ghana Education Service has caution the Headmasters who are charging these illegal fees or supervising the collection of illegal fees in their schools to refund the money to the students and desist from such act or face interdiction. 

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