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Johnnie Hughes Drops Message To Minister Of Gender And GES About The Salaga Sodomy Case

Johnnie Hughes the host of the TV3 morning show JonniesBite has dropped an unexpected message concerning the social studies teacher who slept with the male students at Salaga.

According to Johnnie Hughes, the social studies teacher who was an elder at Pentecost church and head of Scripture Union (SU) in the school was someone who is supposed to teach the children what is right but he was instead doing the unbelievable with them.

Johnnie indicated that due to what happened in the school most of the teachers are asking for a transfer to leave. The children have stopped coming to school. The students who were victims of this sodomy teacher case can't even walk in the town. They are going through a lot, yet the Ghana Education Service and the Minister of Gender are quiet about it.

According to Johnnie, the government should allow the case trucking system to work because they nearly boycott this case. After all, he is a church of Pentecost elder. The people in the Salaga community didn't sit on their buttocks until the court ruled the case and gave the social studies teacher Natomah Otabel 7 years to serve in prison which many Ghanaians believe it was not fair. He should be given more years than what was given.

In his conclusion, the GES, and the Minister of Gender should follow up on this case and know the medical condition of the children who perished at the hands of this teacher.

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