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Bright Senyo of KETA SHS reveals his 'magical' ways of predicting answers during the competition

The National Science and Maths Quiz in 2021 is completely over but the waves KETA students are making is incredible. Prempeh College became first but Keta SHS is trending even higher than the winning team. This is because of how Francisca Lamini and her team performed in a spectacular way in the competition. They have received several awards and attention has been given to them also.

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani travelled all the way to Volta Region, specifically Keta to have a little talk with these three geniuses. They took their time to explain a little bit about themselves and their religious affiliations. One thing that caught the attention of many Ghanaians was the fact that Bright will not even wait for the Quiz mistress to finish reading the question and he will immediately ring the bell to answer. All the attempts he made gave him a correct score except during the finals when he got one wrong. People were wondering how he was able to do that within a short possible time. Kofi Adoma asked him his secret and how it was done.

According to Bright, what he was doing was just a risk taking. Risk taking in the sense that when he predicts the answer it is either he gets it correct or wrong. But he said anytime the woman reads the question, all the vital information to get the answer correct have already been given so what she will say next is not important enough to arrive at the correct answer. So the moment he gets the information he needs, there is no choice than to calculate and get the answer. He said that is what he was doing all through the competition and it worked for him. Kofi Adoma was even surprised because he is just 17 years old and the kind of sharp memory he has as well as his hight Intelligent Quotient is outstanding. They have done well and must continue to go higher.

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