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Restoration of PTA Activities a rescue mission for Secondary Education.

Restoration of PTA Activities a rescue mission for Secondary Education.

The current conditions in Senior High Schools  deteriorating but heads of Senior High Schools cannot voice out due to fear of intimidation. The double track system is sinking secondary education, WASSCE certificate is gradually becoming inferior to GCE A’ and O’ Level, well to do Ghanaians including politicians have their children in International schools preparing for GCE O’ and A’ level and the ordinary Ghanaian child is in limbo of double track system of Education.

The current Gold track students who were send home on semester break did not write any examination before leaving the school, they are expected to stay home for ninety-three days, they only spent thirty-nine days in school excluding weekends. How can we impact knowledge, students staying out of school for longer period, they can’t remember anything. Senior High School students on track Gold did not complete their semester, they were asked to pause their semester to stay home for a long time to come back to complete the semester. These students are likely to forget all what they have been taught.

There was Parent Teacher Association(PTA) which was supporting the schools with infrastructure and and teaching and learning materials. The government ceased operations of the PTA in the Senior High Schools all in the name of providing free secondary education. 

Infrastructure is a major challenge in the Senior High Schools currently classrooms, dormitories and dining halls. Students are sleeping on floors. Parents are asking the government to lift the ban on the activities of PTA so that they can support government in providing quality education.

The PTA is capable of building classrooms and dormitories to eliminate the double track system, parents are rather spending more than the era of fee paying. When students pause their semester, parents have to pay for extra tuition to cover up, the money used for extra tuition for students to cover up can be use to pay PTA levies to support infrastructural projects in the schools.

Major infrastructure projects in the Senior High Schools were provided by the PTA including provision of school bus.

Government is supposed to pay the fees per students in the Senior High Schools, these monies are paid into the school account, since the introduction of the Free Senior High School, only forty percent of the fees per student are paid into the schools account. The remaining sixty percent are use for food and logistics. The forty percent is not enough for schools to provide teaching and learning materials, perishable goods, renovation of school buildings, purchasing teaching and learning materials and printing of examination questions.

Before the introduction of Free Senior High School policy, schools were writing mid semester examination, end of term examination and three mock examinations to adequately prepare students for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination(WASSCE). Schools cannot afford these examinations due to free SHS. Heads of Senior High Schools and Technical and Vocational education are not happy with the deteriorating nature of secondary education but they cannot voice out, they only speak in anonymously with the fear of intimidation. The operations of PTA will rescue the Senior High Schools from deteriorating.

By Nedved

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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