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Question: A teacher needs an answer to a question (check details).

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My name is Andy. I am someone who used to help my friends all the time. So my friends love me so much and always want to share their problems and ideas with me. 

I have a friend by the name Felix. We have been friends for many years and we are like brothers from the same mother. Felix always share his problems and ldeas with me. Felix is a teacher who always try as much as possible to solve all the problems that his students encounter. 

Yesterday, Felix came to my place to asked me a question that one of his students asked him. The question is in proverbs (Asante's proverbs), so I couldn't understand the question, and I was not able to answer his question. I have asked most of my friends but they were not able to provide the answer to the question. 

Please I want to know if anyone who is reading this article can help me with the answer. Below is how my friend, Felix put the question;

He stated that, the student said, there was a man who lives in a village and whereever the man goes he will put on his kente cloth. Even when the man is going to the farm, he will put on his kente cloth. 

The student wants to know the meaning of it. 

Please keep your comment coming. And please share this with anyone who can help

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Andy Asante Felix


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