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Common mistakes by teachers which have been ignored and affecting lesson delivery.

As a teacher, you should have a total control of the class. The classroom becomes your office and you are the boss in that office.

A teacher should be able to control, manage, plan, command and evaluate students understanding. Teachers have been making minor mistakes in the classroom which has been ignored by head teachers and Circuit Supervisors.

Teachers in the training institutions observe all the classroom management techniques and deploy the standards required from them as student-teachers, when they pass out from the training college, they practice different thing in the classroom.

Student teachers in their field practice popularly known as out campus program are exceptional teachers on the field, the field practice is a three credit hours course among the courses to be completed in order to graduate as a teacher. Supervisors (lecturers) are assigned to student-teachers to follow up to their field and observe their teaching and award marks for them. A professional teacher in a school of practice is assigned to the student-teacher as a mentor to guide the practice teacher. Some mentors positively impact their knowledge on their metees whiles others negatively influenced the students-teachers. 

Minor mistakes teachers have ignored which is negatively affecting teaching and learning:

Class control, some teachers does not have control of their class, if a teacher loose control of his/her class, the classroom becomes noisy and students are at liberty to do their own things, if a question is asked by the teacher in the course of lesson delivery, multiple students gives multiple answers at the same time. Imagine a teacher teaching in the class and some students sleeping, this clearly shows that the class is bored.

Teachers are to revise previous knowledge of their students before introducing new topics to students, some teachers refuse to do that and they find it difficult to link their topics to real life situations for students understanding. Revising Student Previous Knowledge(RPK) help the teacher to build on the the new topic. 

Some teachers lack questioning techniques in classroom in the course of lesson delivery and many teachers have ignored this questioning techniques. As a professional teacher, you should equipped yourself with questioning techniques. For example, "Who can answer this question for me? As a teacher asking your students who can, is a bad a practice. So in case a teacher get a response from the class nobody can answer you. The class will be disorganized. Such questions should be open to the class, some students will raise up their hands to answer.

As a teacher you should be able to identify your students by their names, at least you should be able to recall some names in your class. A teacher taking to the board whiles writing, this is common mistake majority of teachers do in their classroom. As a teacher, you face your students whiles talking, some students will read the lips for understanding. 

By Nedved

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )


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