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Improved Payment Method of PTA Levies by Senior High Schools

PTAs focus on what students need to be successful in their learning, including nutrition, health, school safety, physical fitness and general well-being. PTA works with schools to ensure that children succeed. Parent Association is formally known as Parent Teacher Association has begun its operation in various Senior High Schools, as the new name of the association, it involves parents who have their wards in a particular school coming together to support the school. The PTA has contributed to the development of education in the country, most infrastructural facilities in the Senior High Schools were provided by the PTA, classroom blocks, dormitories, ICT centre, school vehicles and teaching and learning materials.

The activities of the PTA was ceased after the introduction of the Free Senior High School policy, to avoid barriers to free education. Parents were paying PTA dues for the development of the school, a teacher selected from the school to assist in collecting the PTA levies, students who refuse to pay the levies were asked to go home to collect their PTA levies from their parents, the PTA levies were included in the school fees. That was the fee-paying era. After the introduction of Free Secondary Education, the PTA levies were abolished.

The PTA has been calling on the Ghana Education Service to allow them to continue with their activities in the various schools but to no avail. Parents in some of the big schools came together to write to the management of the Ghana Education Service, the parents excluding the teachers and the school management expressed their willingness to support the education of their wards and they are ready to contribute to their children education. 

The Parent Association has selected the PA chairman who is responsible for collecting PA levies, the current Parent Association levies are not collected by staff in the school or the school management, this levy is paid by the parents to their elected representatives. The parents have created WhatsApp groups for all parents who have their wards in a particular Senior High School. The PA has acquired an electronic payment system for the payment of PA levies by parents. The commonly used electronic payment of PA levies is mobile money platforms.

The Parents Associations have a lot to do in the various Senior High Schools, furniture, classroom blocks and dining hall, the government cannot provide all, the government has done its best in providing free secondary education, parents are responsible for the quality education of their children, the children are their investment, if they give them quality education they will benefit from it in the future.

The Parent-Teacher keep parents informed about how the school works, what's coming up and any issues teachers have come across. This helps the school to improve and ensures that parent's voices are heard - a win-win situation.

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