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Teacher Unions break their long Silence on One-Teacher-One Laptop Project

If allegations are leveled against you and you fail to speak up, it is believed the allegations are true as the saying goes "Silent means concerned", and there is a little truth in a widely spread rumours. Teacher unions breaks their silence on the allegations leveled against them on One-Teacher-One Laptop project, Teachers and Ghanaians in general are to judge who is speaking the truth, the teacher union leaders or the aggrieved teachers who have dragged the unions to court.


The teacher unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) and Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana (CCT), these teacher unions demanded laptop from the government to enable teachers use the electronic learning platform during the lockdown period. Teacher unions requested the government to provide laptop for all teachers in the public schools, the negotiation was not fruitful, the teacher unions later went to the negotiation to request the government to take seventy percent cost of the laptop while teachers pay the remaining thirty percent.

The teacher unions were tasked to bring a company that will supply the laptops to the teachers, the allegations leveled against the teacher union leaders: the union leaders brought in an unknown company in the computer manufacturing industry, government was reluctant to pay the seventy percent cost upfront for the procurement of the laptop. It is alleged that, teacher unions used teachers tier 2 pension as a collateral to secure a loan for the payment of the seventy percent cost upfront.

The government has no hand in the selection of the company to supply the laptops, government was reluctant to pay the seventy percent cost after identifying abnormalities in the procurement. The union leaders shared the interest of the loan they used to pay for the seventy percent for teachers to pay which increased the thirty percent cost to four hundred and nine cedis to five hundred and nine cedis. One time payment was deducted from teachers annual professional allowance.

The teacher unions have denied all allegations leveled against them and urged teachers to ignore such allegations, the teacher unions will brief teachers on the one teacher one laptop project at appropriate time.

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