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What's Happening To Our Youth - Male SHS Students Captured Having Gala With A Female Colleague

The easy access to adult entertainment in the 21st Century is gradually robbing us of responsible future leaders.

Today, you can easily what indecent graphics on mainstream media and on the digital media. Most times, you might not even be thinking about it and it just pops up.

We all can attest to the fact that, we were very curious in our school days and wanted to know and try everything.

This is the case for these high school students, they were captured practicing something they learnt or watched as they were recorded enjoying a gala tournament with one female colleague.

There were four guys against one lady, one of the guys kept guard/watch, the other one recorded the video and two of guys enjoyed the action with the lady who was unperturbed and actually actively engaging and enjoying the action. It begs the question --- if these students can do this in the Senior High School level, what can they do when they get into the University.

Content created and supplied by: NKBuabeng (via Opera News )

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