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Video of student smoking in the dormitory surfaced online and is causing massive stir.

Activities of some students nowadays is soo sad that parents of these students don't know what to do to stop these students from putting up such acts. One can not put the blame on the introduction of the smart phones because the smart phones was introduced for something profitable in the educational sector. Where these students copied their behaviour is not yet known.

Video making waves on the internet shows a student smoking indian hemp in the dormitory. It can not be say if he is a senior high school student or he is at the tertiary level. His friends were with him in the dormitory capturing it while others too were playing game on their laptop. The boy after smoking stood there for some seconds without shaking his body and he immediately fell down after a touched from one of his friend without waking up again.

There should be strict measures to prevent these students from putting up such behaviours in the various schools. Those found guilty should be punished to deter their friends from doing same.

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