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Five Basic Tips Of Becoming A Good Mentee In The Teaching Profession As A Teacher Trainee

It is very necessary to know some of the ingredients that will make you a good mentee in the teaching profession so that you can come out as one of the best teachers in our Dear Nation Ghana. let us quickly look at the definition of a mentor and a mentee below before we proceed with the tips;

A mentor is a person who has professional and life experience and who voluntarily agrees to help a mentee develop skills, competencies, or goals. Put another way, a mentor is an advisor and role model who is willing to invest in the mentee’s personal growth and professional development.

A mentee on the other side of the coin is someone who has identified a specific personal or professional goal and who believes that the guidance and help of a mentor can help them achieve their goal if they held accountable to the mentor.

Let us consider some of the basic tips of becoming a good mentee in the Macro Teaching which will commence this month without wasting much of your time below;

Tip Number One, Manage your time well. Time manage is very important tool of becoming successful in this Macro Teaching. Lateness will never be applause by your Mentor so always go to school on time. Managing your time in your lesson notes preparation, selection of teaching and learning resources and considering how best they can be used, as well as, how to start your lesson and end it , are all part of the time management continuum. Your ability to manage your time well will give you a very good score in the teaching practice.

Second on the list is A clear commitment to being mentored, if you do not commit yourself to be mentored, you can never become a good mentee out there and earn a good score in this years macro teaching because "you can take a horse to the river side but you can not force it to drink water from the river". Avail yourself to be trained. Do not go there as a trained teacher but a student to be trained as a teacher.

Next on the list is Good listening skills and A willingness to learn from others’ experience. As a mentee you must listen to all the instructions given to you by your mentee with key interest in other to remember them and apply them when the need arise in the future. Also your ability to learn from your mentor's experience as he/she teaches will let you succeed in the Macro teaching so take it very serious.

Moreover, Good communication skills, Patience and ability to take a long-term view, and An ability to accept feedback and learn from it can never be neglected in the journey of becoming a good mentee. Let the communication between you and your mentor as well as other staff members and no-teaching staff be formal with higher degree of respect. Also be very patient when you are requesting for help from your mentor and study him/her keenly in the long run in other to learn all his/her skills to apply them in your teaching. Also accept all the feedback that will be given to you by your supervisors and learn from them.

To end with, Obedience is the last but not least tip to become a good mentee in the teaching profession. Trust and obey for there is no other way to be a very good mentee but to trust the process and obey every little instructions given to you by your mentor and supervisors.

Let us end here and continue later with several tips and ways of lesson delivery and classroom management tips in the near future. Till we come your way again, kindly follow me on this hub and also share this article for others to benefit from it.

Thank you.

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