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The role of ethics in the school environment -Teachers' Guide

In every academic institution, teachers as well as students have a code of ethics, thus the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’t’. Teachers do not have to misappropriate funds meant for the school so do students.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Ethics is a moral principle that control or influence a person’s behavior.

It is a system of moral principles or rules of behavior. The branch of philosophy that deals with moral principles.

Ethics plays a major role in the lives of students. But for ethics, principles, and rules to govern students, there would have been chaos in school as students and teachers might take the laws into their own hands.

The boarding house of the various campus students would like to take French leave without an exeat, smoke, and drink alcohol and put up a whole lot of social vices had there been no ethics.

Most pandemonium in some educational institutions which lead to the destruction of properties occurs as a result of unethical behavior. Students would not adhere to disciplinary measures and most of the time affect them adversely.

Moreover, students do not sit down to learn or read wide but would rather indulge in all forms of malpractice during examination.

Ethics is ideal for every Ghanaian student. They guide students to be law-abiding and help them to comport themselves at all gatherings on campus and elsewhere.

Ethics ensures discipline in the school which in effect promotes academic excellence.

Thank you for reading.

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