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I Got Blind After A Teacher Hit My Eyes With A Cane In KG - Young Blind Girl Tells Kofi Adoma

An SHS student whose name has not been disclosed narrates live on Angel FM in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani about how she got blind at a very young age. The young lady said that about six years old when she was in KG, they were asked to bring handkerchiefs to school since it was inspection day. During the morning assembly, the inspection was ongoing and she realized she had left her handkerchief in the classroom. She told the teachers about it so that she could go for it.

The teacher insisted that since she did not have it with her at the assembly grounds, it means she does not have it, therefore she would be caned. Those to be caned lined up and she was the last person. When the teacher was beating the student in front of her, the cane his one of her eyes. She said that it pained her very much but since she was just a little girl, she could do nothing about it. Her eyes were watery and she could not open one of her eyes.

Her mother took her to the hospital the following day and they were referred to another hospital. The doctor told them that she needed surgery outside the country. At that point, she could not see well with that eye and it eventually went blind. The family could not gather money early enough for the surgery so the condition affected the other eye as well. She said although they later got the money and travelled outside for the surgery, the harm had already been done due to the delay, she had gone blind.

She said her condition has drained their family of money and they now struggle to get basic things in life. She even things she needed before she could go to school became very difficult for her family to provide. This makes her cry a lot. Regardless of this, the teacher who caused this harm years ago walks freely about.  

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