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15 Rare Photos That You Will Never See In History Books.

15 Rare Photos That You Will Never See In History Books

Calling all history nerds!

1. Crossing The Berlin Wall

This powerful photo shows an East German soldier in 1961 helping a small child cross the Berlin Wall on the day it was completed, even though he could've faced death as a punishment. The child likely got left behind in the chaos of families fleeing out of East Germany. This photo just goes to show the amount of compassion that people can have.

2. MGM Opening Credits

This photo shows the filming of the iconic opening credits from MGM in 1928 that we all know. You’d think it’d be slightly terrifying sitting that close to a giant roaring lion, but these guys look pretty calm!

3. 1940s Detroit


While nowadays we often think of Detroit as a worn-down city full of feral dogs and old factories, this photo shows the city in the early 1940s when it was growing on the booming auto industry.

4. The First Gay Pride Parade

This photo was taken during the first Pride parade in Philadelphia in 1972. Now, we can only hope that this person’s mom was understanding....

5. Jackie Mitchell Strikes Out Babe Jackie Mitchell was supposedly the first and only woman to strike out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back-to-back. 

The best part is that afterward, Babe Ruth was quoted in saying that women “will never make good in baseball” because “they are too delicate. It would kill them to play ball every day.” Salty much, Babe?

6. The Quagga

The quagga was a relative of the zebra that went extinct more than a century ago after European settlers in South Africa hunted them all. Luckily, a group of researchers in Cape Town are trying to bring the quagga back! 

This is the only known photo of a live quagga in captivity at the London zoo in 1870.

7. A 5 MB Hard Drive

This photo shows a PanAm airplane in 1956 transporting a 5 MB hard drive. It’s pretty crazy to think about how far we’ve come in technology since then, considering 5 MB would now fit into a device smaller than the palm of your hand!

8. Pre-Taliban Afghanistan

This photo was taken in Afghanistan before the rise of the Taliban, when women were free to dress in Western clothes and travel throughout the country without supervision. Women and men also had equal access to education, including university.

9. Charlie Chaplin Meets Helen Keller In 1919

This picture really is worth a thousand words on its own. Not to mention, it’s always pretty crazy to see photos of two very famous people from history meeting in photos.

10. The First Flight

This photo captured the first-ever sustained flight by humankind in 1903. Orville Wright is operating the plane and Wilbur Wright is running alongside it. The flight lasted 12 seconds and glided 120 feet.

11. Lewis Payne


This photo is of Lewis Payne, a co-conspirator in the Lincoln assassination who attacked Secretary of State William H. Seward with a knife. Here he resides in federal custody. 

12. Czeslawa Kwoka


This haunting photo shows Czeslawa Kwoka, a 14-year-old Polish prisoner at Auschwitz who was sent there with her mother for living in the future German colony of Zamosc, Poland. 

The cut on her lip in the photo was from being hit by a guard who chastised her for speaking Polish instead of German (which she couldn’t speak).

13. A Black Solider In The German Imperial Army

Josef Mambo, who was brought to Germany as a child, served in WWI as a sergeant. Most Germans of African descent were not allowed in any combat roles and there were likely fewer than 15 of them. 

14. Chinese-Americans Try To Avoid Persecution

Here we see Helen Chan pinning a button that says “Chinese” on Sun Lum. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Chinese-Americans tried to avoid being lumped in with the persecution of Japanese-Americans who were being sent to internment camps. 

15. John Smith

John Smith was a member of the Chippewa Indian tribe who reportedly lived to the age of 138 years old in 1922. There is some controversy about this, however, as some believe that he actually had a disease that made him appear older than he actually was.

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