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The teacher is using it to stake bet. That is why it is acting that way.

Few months ago the Government made a promise to teachers across the Nation that they are ready to reduce the burden and stress of teachers and learning of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the country. With this, an initiative was launched by the government. The Government promised that it is going to give each teacher, being it tertiary level, secondary level or basic level a well modified laptop. It was noted that this will ease teachers from the stress of preparing lesson notes and teaching of ICT is some schools locally.

The vice president fulfilling the promise of the Government to teachers handed over 300,000 laptops to the Ghana Education Service and the various teachers association in the country. Many concerns were raised after the vice president handed over these laptops to the Education Service. Many people insinuated that the laptops are not good whiles others too noted that the price of the laptops are too expensive.

A video circulating on social media platforms has been causing commotion in the country. In the video, a laptop was blinking like a disco light. The laptop is not able to stay on for you too see the screen. According to Benjamin Wayo who posted the video on his platform, the laptop is one of the laptops that were given to teachers few weeks ago by the vice president.

After this video was seen on social media, Ghanaians have been talking all over the incident. Many have noted that it has not been confirmed that it's one of the Government's laptops to teachers. Many too have noted that it's only that one that is acting like that so the one who got that one should return it for a good one or better still, he or she should repair it. According to one of the commentators, the teacher is using it to stake bet and that is the reason why the laptop is acting that way.

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