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Teachers deserve to be treated better

These two teachers have made Ghanaians praise them for their hard work. The teaching job in Ghana is very difficult and lacks some necessary materials or equipment like computers. These two teachers find a good way to entertain their students when they are feeling bored. So they will bring them outside to sing and dance with them to make them feel happy and better.

It hurts all these things but everything happens for a reason. You can see from the image above how the kids are happy. They said sometimes when you teach them for a very long time they will be tired. So you have to do something for them to release stress and be active. After that then they will take them back to the classroom and continue their studies.

This teacher too will be in the middle and let the student form a circle, then he starts singing. The other teacher will be leading the dance and the students too will follow his lead. They do all these for the student to make them active when they are inactive in class. Inactivity in class is when students lost concentration when they feel tired and start sleeping. The teachers deserve better treatment because they sacrifice for their students.

We all have been students before and we have seen how teachers sacrifice for us. They did everything for us when we are students and they made us better people now. Those in primary schools do a lot of the work because they build the foundation. Teachers deserve better because they sacrifice a lot for us all when we were students. The teachers always make sure the student is happy and are on the right path always. A lot of people shared their views on these two teachers, they told them to keep their good works. God will bless them one day and God bless every teacher.

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