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Students and teachers fight over water at Jachie-Pramso Senior High School

Jachie-Pramso senior high school is located on a stretch between Jachie and Pramso on the Kumasi-Lake Bosomtwe road in Ashanti Region.

Students and teachers of Jachie-Pramso senior high school plead with the government to come to their aid by providing boreholes for the school.According to students and teachers of the school, water has been a very big issue over the years because, there are few boreholes in the school, this does not only affect the hygiene of students and teachers, but affects academics as well.

In an interview with the teachers and students, they stated that, students and teachers have to join the same queue every dawn for water, and this has affected the students academically because, most students end up going to class very late, students often miss the first and sometimes the second lessons for the day, other students go to class without taking their bath. This is a major challenge of the school and hence the school calls for help from the

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