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How final year students sitting up for WASSCE 2021 can pass their exams effectively.

As the long anticipated West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE is drawing closer than ever, students across the sub region are putting their feet firmly on the ground with thorough preparation for the exams.

Formal education being a requirement for the individuals in climbing higher on the academic ladder, it becomes highly imperative and key for students to toil and sweat for better results to fit well into the society, befit into various suitable job positions to realize their potentials fully.

Academic failure goes to those who fancy it and not a prerequisite tool for the determined as well as those who have had a sleepless night grasping concepts upon concepts, theories upon theories to succeed in their life expedition.

No teacher predicts doom for their students but they continue to uniquely persevere in teaching students the best they can deliver to imbue and imbibe in learners relevant skills, knowledge.

Ahead of the 2021 WASSCE, most schools are looking forward to getting good results and achieve academic excellence whiles those that couldn't live up to expectations are working ahead of time to turn things ahead this time.

Now let's consider the best way by which students can follow to get the best academic results to be able to enter into the universities like the University of Education, Winneba, University of Ghana Legon, UCC, KNUST, UPSA, UENR, UHAS, UMAT, GIJ, UDS, AAMUSTED, Ashesi as well as Technical Universities, Colleges of Education and Nursing colleges.

The cut of point for majority of the universities in the country is pegged at A1 to C6 and in view of this students should endeavour to pass their core and elective subjects to get the chance to enroll at the tertiary institutions.

1. English

2. Mathematics

3. Science

4. Social Studies

5. Elective

6. Elective

7. Elective.

8. Elective.

Those that obtain E8 and F9 are deemed as failures which cannot take each candidate to the next step on the academic ladder.

For students to get the best maximum opportunities in the final examination, the following steps must be followed to realistically achieve thing in their academic life.

1. Time is not far ahead and as such, students must get the best selling past questions for each of the 8 subjects that's the core and electives.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC normally repeat and reshape questions from the previous years and bring them in the exams. All things being equal, students who are serious about solving past questions are 90% sure to get an insight into the main exams and answer similar questions to pass their exams.

I would entreat all students to get past questions, try their hands on from 1993 up to date and approach their subject teachers to help them solve the difficult ones they are unable to answer.

2. Adopt the group studies method. Those who study in groups are better of as compared to the individual ones though certain aspects requires the individual himself to brainstorm, chew in order to retain a certain concept in the memory forever.

Since the adage goes "two heads are better than one" studying in groups help students to understand certain concept very well because individual brilliance are merged together to deepening the understanding of students.

Some examples of the group studies that students require to consider include

i. Open group discussion.

ii. Round table discussion.

iii. Small group discussion.

iv. Large class discussion etc.

3. Determination and Target setting. The individual students should dream higher by putting in their head the self-actualized top notch personalities like the President, Teachers, Engineers, Footballers, Bank Tellers and Managers, Nurses, Doctors, Pastors, Accountants etc and achieve their goals.

4. Prayers and vigilance.

5. Respecting teachers and those around because they are the facilitators who can drive you to the next level in life

6. Following examination instructions very well.

7. Having a sleep and adequate rest after long studies in order to refresh the mind for any difficult task ahead.

8. Constant reading and overly reading to get the deeper meaning and understanding of concepts, books especially Literature in English etc.

9. Getting time for practical topics that requires calculation with the help of a resourceful teacher who can abridge you on how best to go about with subject like mathematics.

10. Eating a well balanced diet, continuous practicing of what one has been taught and leave no room for laziness, lackadaisical attitudes towards studies since students who get 8As are do not stagger.

11. Other colleagues sometimes deceive us without fake leaked questions which can rob you off your success by preventing you from getting focus. Learn all that you can and each question they try to bring on your way as 'apor' get it and solve or learn them rather than relying solely on them.

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