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Ashanti Region. A 19 year old student was brutally beaten by a headmaster.

Parents send their children to school to acquire a better education that will help them live a better life in the future, but schools are also a place where we may learn good discipline that will help us grow into good and respectable citizens in our community. These disciplines teach us how to respect and obey our elders, work hard to attain our life goals, manage our time, and a variety of other important lessons.

However, while the discipline we learned in school is beneficial, it may also be too much to handle at times, and instead of being proper discipline, it becomes a punishment. And now a student has suffered a penalty that began as a kind of discipline but quickly escalated into a severe punishment.

Mary Amoako is a 19-year-old final-year student at Jackie Pramso senior high school in the Ashanti region's Bosomtwe District. Mary received numerous severe lashes from her school's headmaster as a punishment for helping a fellow student who was being punished by the same headmaster.

According to Mary, the headmaster had punished a male student who had gone to class without an acceptable uniform by removing his shirt and instructing him to return to the dormitory and dress in the school's required uniform. However, when the headmaster went out, Mary gave him her jacket to wear.

According to students who watched the incident, the headmaster noticed that the boy was wearing the jacket and was heading to the dormitory as he had asked him to and demanded to know who gave the boy the jacket, which Mary confessed was her. So the headmaster became enraged with her for giving the jacket to the boy, and he took a cane and gave Mary a strong beating mercilessly at her back which caused her to have serious bruises.

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