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GES - Teachers To Use Ghana Cards For Their Monthly Salaries Effective On 1st December, 2021.

In Ghana the teaching profession is one of the noblest jobs that has employed over millions of the Ghana populates.

Per custom demand every salaried worker is supposed to be paid on every month - teachers to be precised.

There have not been any strict instructions as how teachers must go through before collecting their pays lately.

The Account General Department per the power vested in them issues teachers Salaries across some of the banks in Ghana for the Ghanaian teacher.

But henceforth effective from the 1st of December there is going to be the introduction of Ghana Cards before they will be able to collect their monies from their various banks.

I think this is actually good news because going to the bank with your Ghana card for your pay is no problem at all.

However there have been some back lashes here and there when this news broke out.

Please do you think it is a good idea for teachers to provide their Ghana cards before collecting their pays?

Kindly share your views in the comments section.

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