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Teachers are the Pillars of the Country's Workforce

The stakeholders in the educational system, that is the parent, ministry, local community, teachers and pupils expect so much from the headteachers. This means that the duties are allocated to every member that matters in the organisation or school.

Principles of functional management, which connotes the strict use of set rules by management and it should be adhered to, so when the parents of Muslim students, want to pressurise the management to let their wards learn Arabic and English together, which may not be in the interest of the whole school. The head should apply the military principle and allow the best policy to prevail.

Head's respect for the individual's response in the course of achieving a goal for the school will go a long way to help the people involved directly, that is the stakeholders. The administration is a shared responsibility and therefore the organisational structure should allow the free interplay of ideas to minimise the quality fostered by hierarchical structures, so irrespective of the hierarchy the head should make sure that everyone's views are taken, concerning teaching and learning activities in the school.

The teachers must be notified that their profession is a service activity, it is their mandate to contribute to effective instructional programmes. Their attitude towards work should be such that they should not take the human-friendly atmosphere the head creates, to make them do what they like.

Responsibility should be given to a Head to determine the task and methods for workers to follow, the social values should be given the necessary attention because the society and the school should interplay to achieve the objective of the school and the community.

The more service-oriented, the more crucial it becomes to have front line people who know how to sell themselves, repeating one task over and over leads to dexterity because work becomes automatic to the worker and performs creditably.

Teachers must often respond immediately and intuitively. This relates to a fourth feature of professional activity, namely that it involves skillful action that is adapted to its context, through repeated practice and reflection on practice, the professional has developed various specialist and 'knowledgeable' skills.Teaching can be defined as engagement with learners to enable their understanding and application of knowledge, concepts and processes, to teach is to engage students in learning, thus teaching consists of getting students involved in the active construction of knowledge. Attitude is very important when you are a teacher. It affects your students in many ways and can shape their learning experience. As a teacher, you will sometimes experience stress that carries with you all the way home. Rather than dwelling on this, find positive ways to eliminate your stress.

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