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WASSCE 2021 Candidates Must Take Note Of These Selected Topics Before They Enter The Exams Hall

Being an educationalist, I've been in the system for so long and therefore compels me to give 2021 Wassce candidates some selected topic to try their hands on.

The following are some selected topics to study if you want to pass your exam without any problems;


1. Independence after Nkrumah's era

2. History of medicine

3. Introduction of history

4. Civilisation of northern Africa

5. Swahili civilisation

6. The coming of the Europeans


1.The temptation of Jesus Christ

2. The creation and fall of humankind

3. Faith in God

4. The history of the early church

5. Making decisions

6. Galilean ministry


1.Islamic in West Africa

2.Moral lesson from the Qur'an

3. The Hadith

4. Sawm(Fasting)

5. Salat

6. Hajj (Pilgrimage)


1. Composition

2. Oral literature

3. Phonology

4. Prose passage

5. Syntax

6. Word classes


1. Public Opinion

2. Scope, Concepts and Principles of Government

3. Foreign Policy

4. Constitution

5. Evolution of Ghanaian states

6. The media

7. Political and Constitutional development im Ghana


1. Population

2. Capital

3. Demand and supply

4. Money

5. Production, process and distribution of goods

6. Economic systems

7. Concept of price


1. African and Non-African poetry

2. African and Non-African drama

3. African and Non-African prose

4. Seen and Unseen prose

5. Literary devices

I'm 80 per cent sure that questions will drop from these sides. I will urge every candidate sitting for these exams to take note and study carefully.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers. Please share, comment and follow me for more on education.

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