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Commonly Used English Words That Are Often Pronounced Wrongly By Almost Everybody

English language, they say is not our mother tongue. The saying is however true but English has become part of our Ghanaian culture that we can't get rid of. In our various schools, the English language is the language that's used to teach students in the classrooms. The only times that our local dialects are used in class are during Ghanaian language periods or when teachers try to explain topics in their mother tongue for students to understand. 

Despite the fact that the English language is not our mother tongue, it is a major determinant as to whether you progress in your education or not. In the senior high schools, in the final year, students are required to write WASSCE of which English is a part. Part of the English language exam is oral skills where the correct pronunciation of words and listening skills are tested. Most students usually fail to excel in this part of the exams and that could probably account for why it is difficult to make excellent grades in English. 

If you think you are that good when it comes to pronunciation, then test yourself with the following words to see if you are still good. 







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