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Check Out Adorable Photos Of The NSS Lady Sewing Free Uniforms For Her Students With Her Own Salary

It is usually not in the government's interest for a country to develop, but with the aid of its citizens, the country can often develop as predicted by many. As they normally say, if we all work together to assist the government in its development efforts, the country's development will increase dramatically.

There are times when there are so many things that we, the people, should do to help our society grow rather than waiting for the government to do it, and Ghana could be seen evolving like every other Western nation.

In Ghana, we have an issue with expecting the government to do something for us, even with minors.

But today, am going to show you photos of a young, beautiful, and intelligent lady who has shown the world that not all needs to be left to the government; if we all pitch in, we can make Ghana a better place for all.

When the lady assigned to teach at Bono East noticed that many of the students' uniforms were torn, she went out and bought a sewing machine to fix the problem.

Ama Val sews uniforms for other schools in the city for free using her national service grant and some donations.

Ama Val, who is very enthusiastic, wants to raise funds so that the project can be expanded to include any needy Ghanaian student.

She saw finding solutions to this problem as a joint obligation, so she spent her personal funds and the help of friends and loved ones to knit new school uniforms for each and every child in need.

Below are lovely and charming photos of her and how is happily sewing the uniform for the students.

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