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Another love shown: Guinea school authorities name their school after Doumbouya the interim president

African leaders are mostly corrupt because the African people do not hold their leaders accountable. We have been used to bad leadership that we have become very numb about corruption, nepotism, tribalism, greed, and other things to our economic development. Whatever that is happening, we just move on with our lives and we don’t challenge them. The moment somebody becomes a leader, they immediately become disconnected from regular people. Our leaders are the bosses and not the servants of the people. 

Coup master Col Mamady Doumbouya and his Colonels, overthrew Alpha Condé because of corruption, the turmoil he brought to the good people of Guinea by changing the Constitution and selectively imprisoning activist who were bold to speak up and targeting people. Looking at our own continent, what have we achieved in the eyes of others? Mere beggars asking for aides and grant, African major cities has become a beacon of dump area.

They send their children to study overseas, often in much more developed countries. When they are sick, they fly private jets to get treatment in France, UK, US, and other industrialized. They buy imported designer clothes from Italy and France. Some do even buy properties overseas to prepare for their escape once they leave office.

How do you solve bad leadership? Stop all these luxuries and make them do everything locally. The only way leaders can care about their country enforcing nationalist policies to make a big difference is to be monitored and made to be held accountable. Doumbouya has promised to fight corruption and ensure proper accountability.

There are people we are supposed to held in high esteem and the interim president is enjoying the love of the masses. He has not lay a cornerstone for a school foundation, yet one that was built by another is being named after him due to his good works. The owners of this school deems it a necessity to name their school after their new leader because of his genuine leadership.

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