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Reasons Why Students Should Not Use Phone In School

Students must not be allowed to used phones in schools because

Computers are made available in schools and accessible at all times. This rather reduces excesses of phone usage in school. Students using phones at school will only be charting with their phones all night. Some end up not attending preps. The use of the phone can be a source of distraction to students because some use the mobile phones to cheat, others too waste time on it to play games instead of studying.

Every school have it I. T programs in place that all students are required to use laptops to do their research!

For several years ago, many schools across Africa, including Ghanaian schools, banned the use of mobile phones. But recently many schools, especially private schools, have changed their rules and regulations. Now, they allow smartphones and tablets to be a part of student’s life in school.

In some instances, Mobile phones help students stay connected with their families who are far away.

Gone is the days of waiting by the public phone for calls in the common area, or whereby parents would have to call and ask permission from the housemaster to talk to their children. Parents can now call and text with students at all hours of the day (just not during classes)

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