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How to Get Admitted to The University with D7, E8 And F9 Without Writing Remedials

It is every student's dream to be educated up to the tertiary school level.

 However due to inadequate facilities in the institutions of higher learning in the country, the government has to find a means to reduce the students population to match up with the facilities available in the tertiary institutions.

One of the media used to do this, is the admit students based on their performance in the West Africa Examination Council papers. To this end, students who get D7, E8 and F9 are in the core subjects; especially mathematics and English are not qualified to into the government tertiary institutions.

The is however good news for any one who is in this category, in terms of their results in high school. 

You can enroll in the tertiary institutions with these results if you are twenty five and above.

You will have to buy mature form of the school you intend to attend. This forms come out the same time the regular forms come out: It is just a little expensive from the regular one.

The school set a time for you to write examination, it is based on your performance in the examination that you are offered admission.

If fortunately you passed the exams and given admission, you are going to attend lectures as normal as the regular students.

You this opportunity to continue your education if your results are not favourable.

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