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The sacrifice I had to make to secure a job after National Service

I’m 23 years of age, I completed the University last year and I am currently doing my mandatory National Service. I studied Business Administration at school and there was this particular place I was doing my internship at since level 200. So it was easy to get the same place to do my National Service there. They just drafted a letter for me when it was time for NSS and I submitted it to the National Service office. My end goal was to prove myself as a hardworking and competent young woman in order to be retained, but the boss gave me a condition. One of my greatest fears is to complete school and become an unemployed graduate. I am the first person in my family to go to the University and it didn’t come easy. My parents have sacrificed so much and it’s my turn to reward them.

parents have sacrificed so much and it’s my turn to reward them.

I was always one of the first people to arrive and I learnt quickly on the job. I was volunteering for everything and doing all the ‘donkey’ job even to a point where the other NSS personnel were teasing me and calling me a people pleaser. The boss noticed me early on because apart from the fact that I had done two internships at the same place in the past, I was being sent to his office often. He is a man in his late forties or early fiftys and he would always compliment me and tell me I was looking very beautiful. I always expected that he will notice my consistency and hardwork and compliment that but it was always something about my appearance. I was always polite and professional with him nonetheless.

Somewhere in May, I gathered courage and went to him directly. I told him I was very interested in working in the company. I gave him a copy of my CV and transcript and he was impressed. I had done a lot of volunteering jobs and part-time jobs even when I was in school. He seemed more impressed by that. He gave me hope, but then he told me that the HR department had stacks of CVs from people who were even more qualified than I was and that even though my resume was impressive, I will not be able to beat the competition. Then he said he will retain me if I will allow him to have s*x with me. He was blunt, and he said it with a grin. I immediately left his office when he said this and I went to the washroom to ponder over what he had said. I decided I will never do that.

Even though I had decided not to sleep with him for the job, I couldn’t sleep the days after he informed me. I looked at the state of my family and how my schooling had brought them so much hope. I went back to read chats of my seniors from school and even my school mother who was so intelligent, but still at home and was now selling clothes online. Things were so bad for her that she even had to borrow from me a few times. My younger brother in JHS is always being sacked school fees and I can see how my parents keep praying that I get a job after NSS to start helping them. You may call me names or judge me, but I weighed my options. I wasn’t a virgin, I had been with guys. I am not dating currently though. This was even a better bargain than my ex who slept with me for a few months and dumped me for another.

The next morning I was nervous, but I made my way to the boss’ office again and asked him if sleeping with him will guarantee that I get a job. He made a few clicks on the computer and showed me my job description if I will allow him have his way with me. The salary he was offering was very good for a degree holder and the moment I saw what I will be earning monthly, I was willing to go to bed with him. This salary will greatly lighten the load on my parents and I will be able to pay my brother’s fees with it. My boss is also a widower and I will therefore not have problems with his wife. Well over the weekend, he met me at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, right infront of the Vodafone headquarters. He told me to meet him there. Then we drove to one of his apartments and we had s*x twice and spent the whole Saturday together. He also gave me some money.

On Monday, I had the job. I was given a new desk. I signed all the necessary things I had to sign. There was a short interview for me as a formality and I know I overimpressed the other panelists. I don’t think my boss took advantage of me. The s*x was with my consent and I did enjoy it. But I honestly wish that the system was better so that someone like me will have more options to choose from. Another friend shared a similar experience at the place she is doing her NSS. It’s more common than many of you might think. NSS is not over, but I already have a well-paid job. My parents are proud of me and that is all that matters. The only problem is that my boss wants to sleep with me the next weekend and he will probably be making more of such requests, but I have a plan to save as much as I can, milk him and leave the workplace when I am financially stable. It doesn’t look like he wants to date me though. I see it as a win-win. My body has given me what first class couldn’t. Life is not black and white, there are a lot of gray areas.

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