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Motivation From Worwui David To All SHS Graduates In Ghana.

The world is changing at a very fast rate, and only those who understand where they are coming from and know where they are going can become the most successful. Worwui David is a brilliant boy of twenty-one years who, after understanding the teachings of the holy Buddha, decided to help the world with it.

His work spread out quickly after he completed Senior High School. To start with, the following are some of the motivational quotes he left behind.


Construction without an instruction is a destruction. This is one of the most important quotes which means, when ever you want to achieve a lot in the business field, you need to investigate in order to know the demand of the people before going in. You don't just go and start selling iPhone when the people in your area are rather looking for Android.


In this aspect, he was trying to discourage those who thought their trials are only failure by saying it in a more appropriate sense that, either you lose in an attempt to do something nice or great doesn't really mean you've lost but rather, you've learnt how to approach such circumstance in your life another time.

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Worwui David


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