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A Viral Video Of Teachers Begging Students To Come To School Pops Up.

"Education is the key to success" is one of the popular quotes that has motivated a lot of people to purse education. If indeed, education is the key to success, then I think our leaders need to put proper measures in place to make our education look attractive to students and the Ghanian children.

I have come across a video on the internet which is very disappointing to our education system. In the video that am talking about, a group of teachers were seen begging people in a village to bring their children to school. You will also hear in the video where one of the teachers were saying that the children shouldn't run away from them because the children were running away when they saw them.

This clearly shows that children in that village don't find education attractive hence, see nothing wrong in not attending school. It might also be that the parents are not putting in enough efforts to encourage these children about the importance of education.

Watch this disturbing video of teachers begging students to come to school and drop your comments below.

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