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Illegal ways some lecturers and tutors use to make money

 Bribing lecture and tutors has almost become an acceptable norm in most of our educational institutions. Determining one’s fate before and after examinations depends on the response of the student to the request of the lecturer or tutor.

Where are we going? There is corruption in the very institutions where we are supposed to learn how to fight corruption by knowing and picking up the principles of right conduct needed to challenge corruption structures and persons in the system.

Must I bribe a tutor or lecturer in some way before passing my examination? Believe it or not in some of our institutions, some lecturers ask students to contribute money or give some kind of goods in order to get good marks. Some of our ladies in these institutions, who do not have money to pay, pay it in another way in the shameful act of going to bed with these lecturers.

Is it correct for tutors or a lecturer who is paid by the government, even if not enough, to fail to give pass marks to a particular student because he or she failed to contribute money, goods or give their body in exchange for marks? Shall we allow this to continue and at what cost and at whose expense?

What is happening in most of these cases is that while some students compromise and aid this corrupt and shameful practice, others who because of strong moral conscience, say no and end up suffering the unjust consequences of their decision as a result of the judgment of a lecturer or tutor who suffers no qualms of conscience whatsoever for acting in this manner.

The problem of corruption is not confined to only these institutions, but the scale of the practice there, fanned by the deceptive belief of normalcy, is numbing and the earlier we arrest the situation, the better.

I take this opportunity to call on our leaders and future leaders in our tertiary institutions to put a stop to these corruption and shameful practices. Let us join the campaign against bribery and corruption in this way. If we condone such wrong practices, we have no one to blame for the corrupt system in which we operate.

Let us not, as students get into such unjustified and completely wrong practice that has almost taken roots on our campuses. Students have the right to a fair mark after any examination or any test without having to bribe a lecturer or tutor.

We call upon our dear lecturers and tutors involved in this practice to stop bringing dishonesty on the noble teaching profession and to strive to uphold high standards of professional conduct. Despite the fact that it has become normal and that there are students who compromise morality, it is unprofessional and unjust to determine the fate of student by his or her response to your request. Let us be serious and disciplined a bit in our professions.

Finally it is the responsibility of the GES to find appropriate and urgent means of creating awareness on this issue and to arrest the situation.

Much Love And Let Us Stop Bribery And Corruption.

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