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The Successful Senior High School Student.

The Successful Senior High School Student

Developmentally, senior high school students should demonstrate positive learning habits that include skills like organization, the ability to communicate with teachers and keeping a set homework schedule. High school students, with the help of parents, teachers and school counselors, should also be able to do the following:

Identify personal interests, abilities and strengths

Describe how work and home and/or school relates to jobs in the community.

Describe how work is important and attainable for all people.

Describe how personal beliefs and values affect decision making.

Demonstrate effective skills in working with others.

Show an appreciation for the similarities and differences among people.

Describe individual skills and aptitudes required to fulfill roles.

Describe skills needed in a variety of occupations.

Demonstrate skills needed to obtain and keep a job.

Successfully meeting the requirements for a high school diploma gives young adults exposure to the major academic disciplines, resulting in a well-rounded graduate. However, to be successful in life, you must master skills beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills will enhance your post-high school pursuits, as will good communication ability and financial common sense.

Sharp critical thinking skills will set you apart from individuals who do not use higher-level cognition. To be successful in life, you must be able to make sense of the huge amount of information you take in on a daily basis. Seeing logical connections between ideas, evaluating the relevance of information and recognizing erroneous reasoning are all real-life skills you need to be successful after high school, no matter which career path you choose.

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