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Top Ten Courses in The University.

Admission into the university is one of the greatest accomplishment of any student in the world. Students usually go to university for different purposes. Some go to the university for academic interest, others go for future career, whiles others go purposely to build their social life. Before you get admitted into the university, a student must meet the following requirements;

i)Pass the WASSCE or SSCE : Different Universities have different cut off points for admission into their prestigious university. For instance, the University of Ghana requires all applicants to have a credit pass in all the core subjects (Maths, Science, Social Studies and English).You must try your possible best not to get anything below C bot to secure a stable place in the University, you must aim for an A or B in these subjects.

ii)Purchase a university form: You cannot get admitted into the University without purchasing their forms. These forms can be bought at certain places as selected by the University. Banks usually sells these forms in the form of vouchers. The University of Ghana has made the filling of the forms an online method. That is, It is a form of an online application. But before you can access the online forms, you must purchase the voucher at a selected bank or any other suitable place selected by the university. At the Kwame University of Science and Technology students actually fill the forms both online and manually.

iii)Select courses you will want to pursue in the University: First, many students attend university to study a particular subject in depth. University curriculums allow students to choose a major.

Let us go through ten of such courses that will land you one of the most paid jobs in Ghana.

1.Medicine and surgery

Medicine is one of the highly respected but most costly courses in the university. To get a undergraduate degree in the university, then you must be willing to forego six to seven years of your life in the university. Anyone one who successfully graduates as a medicine student is undeniably granted employment in all health centers based on his or her field of study. However, it pays to further more in your study of that courses since you will be paid more than one who has an undergraduate degree. The average salary of the medical doctor is GHS11,900. The salary range from GHS 4,370 to GHS 20,100


Any individual having the ambition to be a lawyer in Ghana must be willing to sacrifice a total of six years for most WASSCE applicants. But to have a further hand above others for those who already have a first degree and want to study law, two, three or four years depending on the university you attend will do. Universities that specialize in the lecture of law in Ghana are Ghana School Of Law Wisconsin International University College, University of Ghana, UPSA , Mount crest University, GIMPA, UCC, KNUST , Central University ,Zenith University, etc. The average salary for a lawyer is GHS 6,120 per month. Salaries range from GHS 1,890to GHS 15,100.


One of the most least regarded course is Education. However, One thing people do not notice is that, all graduate who succeed in the Education course excellently are enjoying fortunes currently. Once you have an education degree, you are quickly employed in top public and private educational institutions. It will interest you to know that there is a high demand for teachers. One misconception is that they are poorly paid. To be fair enough, all poorly paid teachers either do not have the prerequisite qualification or love the place where they are currently teaching. Also, not only will you be a teacher if you have an education degree but you occupy other other administrative position in any education institution. The average salary of an individual with a education degree is GHS5,380 per month.

4.IT Related course


6.Finance related course

7.Business administration




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