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Ministry of Education blows GHS 34.8 Million on WASSCE Past Question

Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service in collaboration with the West African Examination Council (WAEC) supplied past questions and Chief examiner's report for the final year students of Senior High Schools. 

The past question with the chief examiner's report contains five hundred and thirty-eight pages. The sole right for the printing was granted to Kingdom Books and Stationeries by WAEC. Thirty- four million Ghana cedis wasted on printing of past questions while students have no classrooms, furniture and textbooks. The procurement entity is the ministry of education and the ministry of education procured Kindom Books and Stationery, Kingdom Book is not a publishing house, Kingdom books rather sell books, on what basis, Kingdom books was selected as the sole source to compile past questions for students. Single source procurement for procurement that was planned ahead for twelve months has no value for money.

There are a lot of districts with primary schools and no Junior High schools, pupils have to walk for about one mile to three miles to school, thirty-four million Ghana cedis which could have been used to build about thirty (30) six-unit classroom blocks has been thrown into the air and students are studying in a dilapidated classroom.

Teachers are overburden in the Senior High Schools teaching in both tracks that is green and gold, this money could have been used to recruit additional teachers in the Senior High Schools to ease the burden of the teachers. Single source procurement does not ensure value for money.

The deputy Minister of Education claimed the cost of the copy of the booklet (past question) which is Seventy-five Ghana cedis is a value for money and the outstanding performance of students in the 2020 WASSCE justified the need to spend 34.8 million Ghana cedis to procured examination past questions. When financial resources are used to attain other purposes rather than the original aim is considered as a misapplication of fund.

Other disadvantages of single supplier sourcing include the possibility that potential customers will be concerned about the risk to their supplies (if they become aware that you are single sourcing). There is a risk that over time, the balance of dependence will become lopsided. Single sourcing, a powerful approach in a stable environment, can amplify a firm's exposure to risk (supplier's default) in the presence of uncertainty. The value for the purchaser may be optimized, and increased risk of corruption. The buyer and supplier may develop a relationship that is too close to the potential detriment of the purchasing entity.

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