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Importing Foreign Educational Policies Into Ghana Is Dangerous. Minister Must Be Cautious.

It is said that, we often learn from the best practices around the world in initiating or implementing policies, and for a developing country like Ghana, it is true that, we do not have to reinvent the wheel. 

However, it is not everything that works in other jurisdiction, especially the West, that have to be necessarily imported or incorporated in our system. Some major policies are regional, country and continent specific. A wholesale adoption of systems is dangerous. 

The current Minister responsible for Education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum, by his posture seems to be too biased towards foreign educational systems and learning. 

He has for a long while lives in the United States of America (USA), and worked as an educationist over there. It is said that, he owns a school in the USA, which is doing pretty well. 

This is probably what is driving him to introduce all manner of reforms in Ghana, which has created some level of chaos in the educational calendar, especially at the basics.

From a new curriculum, a new format of examinations, to now, a semester format for all pre-tertiary schools. These are all western curriculum, that the sector minister sees superior to the current Ghanaian structure. 

The result is a destabilized system. Teachers have rise against the semester calendar, and have spoken vehemently against it. 

What is alarming about these forceful introductions is the haphazard manner it is done. There seem to be no proper stakeholder consultation. 

In the West, students at the basic level do not spend too many hours in school like we do here. Nursery and kindergarten children spend only 3 hours a day at school. For this, it is understandable why they go the semester way, which is four months long period of classes before vacations. 

Down her, we do about six hours, even for babies at the crèche level. Trimester, is, thus, ideal for us.

The Education Minister must hasten slowly. Not every programme in the West is workable or would be conducive to our systems.

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