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Secondary Education


School Reopening Date For SHS Form One Students

Pupils who began their schooling in the senior high schools this year, in the month of April as we all know are currently now on vacation. The first year form one students, have successfully completed their first semester after joining the secondary school.

School is not yet over for them. So as they are home, students are advised to study hard for their next semester. For school will soon be reopened for studies to continue. The form one's are also advised to form study groups, so that they may be able to learn together and share ideas on related topics. As learning is more interesting when there are more people involved.

The first year's are to resume school in the month of September. That is approximately two months from now, and on the 4th of that month. The form three WASSCE candidates will then be writing their exams, so the first year's will come back to meet them in school before their departure.

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