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Tsatsu admits that he doesn't blame judges because they do a tough job

The legendary Tsatsu Tsikata has finally admitted that he doesn't blame judges because he believes the work of judges is tough. In an interview, he said he wanted to be a lawyer after being inspired by one of his uncles who also happened to be a lawyer. He further said becoming a judge was his ambition but due to the fact that he had to go into oil and gas, he was not able to continue to become a judge.

In a reply to a question that was asked him about how he once corrected an examination back at Oxford, he said it is true. According to him, after looking through the question paper, he saw that there was something wrong with the questions. So he approached the examiners and the invigilators confessed to the fact that the questions need a check-up. In fact this is one the records of Tsatsu Tsikata that still remains unbroken.

However, as humble as he is, he stated that His brilliance is just a God given talent he thanks the "Almighty" for that.

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