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Where are the Human Right Activists? The Headmaster must be Arrested for Assault.

It is no news now what the headmaster of Jachie-Pramso has done. For being a brother’s keeper, an innocent girl must suffer this fate. This 19-year-old student was lashed by the headmaster of Jachie-Pramso because she apparently gave out a jacket to her male colleague. This made the headmaster lash her to this point.

Indeed, when I saw this story yesterday, I was shocked and I couldn’t sit still. I ran research and investigations had it that the headmaster is naturally a calm man, however, what made him punish a lady to this extent is still shocking. He couldn’t control his anger, another one told me. And one hinted if perhaps he tried having an affair with the woman but the refusal led to this inhumane treatment.

Although I have not come to a proper conclusion about the whole incidence because there are varied opinions and hearsay, I dare to say that what the headmaster has done is atrocious and an assault at first degree. How can you use your authority to punish a defenceless lady like this? I remember when Ghana Education Service visited a school I used to teach and they informed the teachers that they should desist from using canes at school.

According to them, it doesn’t boost learning and it has a negative impact on the development and creativity of children. Ghana has been using canes at our various schools- exactly what has happened to the population? Are we going to space now or making robotics and inventing cryptocurrencies?

There is no way this backward punishment can improve the full development of the students and boost their level of creativity. I think the headmaster must be taken head-on. The human rights activists who went to court to protect Akuapem Poloo’s son should be up and working this time around. A student, who doubles as a minor is at risk and it is time we call an end to this canker.

Since corporal punishment has been abolished by Ghana Education Service, the headmaster is liable for his crimes and the school can dissociate itself from the incident. Because every school should perhaps have it in their policy against corporal punishment. Judging from the bruises and indentation, the headmaster has to be prosecuted for assault. No two ways about it. The headmaster is a role model that the rest of the teachers emulate, therefore if he doesn’t act to project positivity, discipline, self-control and empathy, what sort of example is he spreading? 

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