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Madam c0nfused her students in examination hall. See what she did.

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Education is said to be the slightest hammer that break the yoke of ignorance. The yoke of ignorance can be broken by impacting knowledge, skills and teaching moral values among students across the country. There are lot of people who are involved in educating and impacting good moral values into student and congregations. Some of these people are teachers, pastors, parents and an elderly person in a society.

One of the effective tool use to check the performance of students in school be it primary, junior high school or tertiary is examination.

Examination which is a formal test done by answering written or oral questions under a restricted time and usually is without getting access to textbook, an exercise book or notebook.

During examination teachers are made to supervise or invigilate their students who are seated for examination. Invigilation is mostly done to curb examination malpractice among students and sometimes assist students when the need arises.

Sometimes the success and failure of a student in examination may depend on the invigilator. Why am I saying this? One may asked.

A picture posted on WhatsApp status today has to do with a madam who was invigilation students during examination. In the picture the madam is seem to have been confused the students with her curvey backside.

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