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NABCO Trainees permanent Employment, the only way Fresh Graduates can have confidence in the Gov't.

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About three years ago, Youth in Ghana who have completed various tertiary institutions heard a good news and it was joy all over the country. This is due to the announcement of intervention program called Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) by H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu Addo and H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. This program paved way for 100,000 graduates who have been unemployed to be employed. This enabled trainees to work in different sectors and has equipped them with the needed experience they need. 


Trainees accepted to be placed to different government institutions like MMDA's, Education, various security agencies and many more. Some of the trainees who were posted to teach were accepted to work in the rural areas where trained teachers refuse to go. 

Our freinds in the Revenue Ghana module who were send to MMDA's were meant to be revenue collectors in the markets and other places. 

Though government workers salaries is subjected to increment every year but Trainees has lean on GHC700.00 for almost 3 years regardless of flatuations in the economy. 


Before the 2020 General elections, government through NABCO Authorities outline the procedure that will enable Trainees to exit NABCO thereby providing permanent employment to these hardworking Trainees. 

On behalf of the Trainees, we express our appreciation to the government for this good initiative of getting permanent job for trainees. 

Nabco Trainees urge the the government and Nabco Authorities to speed up the process of getting Trainees permanent job. I am aware that there are wide vacancy in all public agencies that need to be filled. I'm highly convinced that government will not find any difficulty in seeking financial clearance for nabco Trainees. 

The youth who have completed universities are watching what will happen to the Nabco Trainees, the youth who are yet to complete also are watching what the government will be doing for nabco Trainees to inform them their future actions. In fact, securing permanent employment for nabco Trainees is something that the NPP government will forever be remembered for if they are able to do it. Let me say that securing permanent employment for trainees will indirectly transform so many lives in the country because majority of these trainees are the Bread winners of their families. 

I believe that he who started it knows how to complete it , it therefore I urge the government of Ghana to complete what he started. And I know NPP will forever reap the fruits of it

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