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Good Girl Turn Bad; Abena Ashokor Scolded After Sharing Childhood Photo

Abena Korkor is reminiscing her childhood. Behind the text on social media, one could sense the glee on her face after she posted a picture of herself during her early childhood education


Dated 1993/4, Abena herself seems not to be sure the age she has when this adorable photo was taken of her at the One Love Creche in Tema of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Well, given that her birthdate is 30 January 1990, she probably was three (3) years old.


But what started with some compliments from a section of Ghanaians had turned into a bunch of criticisms at her person, thus to say the woman she has grown to become today. Some critics who bumped into her post remarked that the once-innocent kid, Nana Abena Korkor, is now a bad girl.


They wondered what might have gone wrong with her personal development as they inferred from the image the beauty and innocence of that three-year-old girl in the school, and the stream of photos that communicate strongly about a perceived ‘deviance’ today.


She had kept her cool despite the remarks by some two gentlemen who go by the handle; Ras KofiKigali Senior Walker, and Ransford Addisenu. Perhaps she deems them not fit for a reaction, as the numbers that pour praises on her beautiful self in childhood greater.


It gives some sense of gratification learning about your past, and given that Abena Korkor has an emotional disorder; bipolar disorder, she could make the best of this joyous moment and heal. Much of what became her rather uncouth behaviours started in her early adult life when she was diagnoses with emotional and psychological disorders.


Many of her peers and section of Ghanaians have misunderstood her thereby causing them to label her with all kinds of adjectives. Until recently that she had a rough encounter with Kwame A-Plus, the young mental health advocate who was experiencing some relapse that made her attack the personality of some respected people in the country.


She has promised to stick to her medication and therapy to keep to her better self, especially when she wants to be the voice of people that are inflicted.

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