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She Was Not Admitted, She is on An Exchange Program For a Term - Some Ghanaians Defend

The recent developments about the Achimota SHS admission issue are the subject matter for resolution. Many sources of information are popping up stating that the same school which stuck its ground to ensure that the Rastafarian young boy is accepted only when he comes with clean-cut hair, has conveniently allowed for a Caucasian young lady to study in the school with her full set of hair.

The perspectives on this issue are split into two opposing sides.

One group of Ghanaians are against the fact that Achimota doesn't want to compromise for their very own who is a Ghanaian but were rather able to allow for a Caucasian lady.

At the other perspective stands some Ghanaians who are defending Achimota's decision. Those defending Achimota present arguments and logic such as "He is a male, and she is a female, and males are not supposed to grow their hair that long", "Caucasians are born with long natural hair, therefore, they are not to cut their hair. But Africans are born with short hair, therefore, the boy has to cut his", "It's our culture to cut our hair", "Everyone must obey the rules and regulations".

As the argument continues, news coming from a user is that Achimota allegedly did not admit the Young Caucasian girl. She is rather a student in an Exchange program. The user who provided the information goes on further to state that her admissions were affected by her school in the USA and that Achimota is just hosting her for a term. He concludes that that was one of the main reasons why it was easy to accept her and thus not requiring her to be totally uninformed like the other students.

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