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Nursing Training Students making serious romance caught on camera

Infact if our youths continue to embark on such deviant and immoralities like this in the community of which we found ourselves within, then our future is well doomed. We all believe that Christian life is perfect and as result we all claim to be Christians but our activities and reactions doesn't even match. Indeed gone are the good old days of which our tradition and culture won't even tolerate what we are seeing today.

Nursing Training institutions are one of the remarkable professional in every country as well as the whole wide world. I like the word ``trainig'' because individual personalities are well shaped and monitored. But now a days, we don't know what is happening in our various institutions. We can't tell, whether our institutions are failing to discharge thier duties or the students are too stubborn to pay respect to the rules and regulations governing the institution.

On today's event, it has been alleged that two level 200 candidates, known to be student nurses, instead for them to prepare towards 2021 end of second semester exams , was caught on a camera whilst on serious romantic action.

It was alleged that, they have been conducting such acts in the midnights for the past months. They normally do it on midnights or early dorn of which majority of the students are deeply asleep. But this time round, they couldn't succeed with thier plans. As they embarked on their usual process. They tried to study overnight with the intention to check out whether majority of the students will be going to their various dormetories to sleep. And as usual it do happened, so around 12:30am to 1:00pm as the time alleged, they embarked on their usual activity. The most interesting part was that, the guy at this time round wasn't in the mood to conduct such act, since he heard that his girl has been moving in with another guy. But the lady insisted that wasn't true and he should trust her.

Later on, as we all know the power of women, the guy was convinced and he gave in. But is wasn't their day this time, unfortunately for them, there was one student , who was rather studying and preparing seriously towards the upcoming exams , he showed up unexpectedly and they couldn't identify his presence. It was alleged that, he heard some impulse noises from one of their new completed building which is yet to be handled to the students in terms of next semester accommodation. From a distance , he spotted that, these student nurses were seriously enjoying themselves. He couldn't withstand it but instead reported to the school authorities.

This shameful act has been seriously accelerated to the college Principal and the discipline committee for immediate action.

Indeed such behaviors has become more rampant in the African continent and it must be well addressed for the sake of the future of Africans , and the world as a whole, if not our future will be burried completely and lost forever.

Thank you .

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