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Sad news on Onua TV this morning: Captain Smart lament bitterly over schools under trees in Akyem.

The whole demina of Captain Smart changed this morning as sad news of students or schools under trees from Ashanti Akyem was displayed on Onua TV this morning 12th July 2021. Indeed it was an eyesaw. The terrible condition of students and teachers that was shown live on Onua TV deserve to put captain Smart into lamentations.

Are our leaders working at all in the country?. What are hell are we going through. In fact the bitter lamentations from Captain Smart this morning really calls for urgent action from the Government and the MCE in Ashanti Akyem to help eradicate a those terrible condition of teachers.

Schools under trees from Onua TV this morning.

"How can the teachers and students in Ashanti Akyem be staying, teaching and learning under trees and in deplorable conditions. This must not happen in this 21st Century. I still don't believe this to be truth. But since the headmistress and and the headmaster have confirmed about their conditions and with the pictures, I can't doubt again. MCE in Ashanti Akyem north and south district, please do something immediately for the benefit of our younger generations". - Captain Smart lament bitterly over the sad news coming from Ashanti Akyem as students are still under trees.

"The MCE and the government gave us 8 packets of ironsheet and cement for renovation, but the chief of the town came for them and they left us into this bad condition. We have no place to sit when it is raining during school hours. Some of the students will have to run to the house and only few will be seen under the small shade of ironsheet. We have taught here for many years and yet no improvement. The cement floor in the classes have all been destroyed. This is a very sad news from Ashanti Akyem and he need help". - Headmaster and Headmistress narrates to Captain Smart on Onua TV this morning.

Captain Smart then send words to the chief in Ashanti Akyem to return those items to the school as soon as possible else he will be in hot waters as the case will be forwarded to the appropriate headquarters as far as education is a great concern in Ghana.

This is the link to watch the students in Ashanti Akyem who are under trees and they are battling with their studies together with the teachers.

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