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Who is to be blamed for this? Is it the government, Ghana Education Service, School or the teachers?

Who is to be blamed? After all every student is entitled to his or her Right isn't it?

There is a very disturbing picture circulating on the digital media space and it is featuring five young male students suspected to be students at the Makessim senior high school.

Nobody knows what the said students wanted to put across. They were woefully dressed and depicting an act of smoking and sniffing some drugs.

This is a very worry scene for the country as the so called future leaders who will resume vital roles are involving themselves in these acts.

But who are is to be blamed? Is it the government, Ghana Education Service or the teachers? The echo messages of students rights and freedom has dent our core values of discipline by punishment and this is the results that has led to.

Disciplinary levels at our various senior secondary schools is non existence due to the implementation of new educational reforms. The over dependence on foreign educational policies is the cause of our woes.

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